My Teachers

My Earth Walk has been blessed by having so many great teachers from all over the world.
I am truly grateful for them all.

But when it comes to helping my clients and students, two have taught me the most:
Max Christensen and David Snyder

Max Christensen

Max Christensen, also known as Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Tibetan), Ching Fung Dao Shr (Chinese Taoist), Sifu Max, has dedicated his life to studying, understanding, and bringing forth a wealth of traditional spiritual and esoteric practices from around the world.

Max is dedicated to teaching us how to re-discover our true hidden potential in a way not experienced in other systems.

I learned traditional methods of genuine and authentic awakenings from Tibet, China, Mongolian and Egyptian that Max teaches.

Max thaught me various levels of his KUNLUN System, the “water path” – the celestial way of Taoism – which leads reach their spiritual realization goals through internal alchemy.

These once hidden truths that masters only practiced in the East’s remote temples were taught to me by Max. Max has changed the world by passing on this once hidden knowledge through the traditional method of the master to student transmission.

Through the direct mind experiences I’ve had with Max and through the water path of Taoism, my life has changed in ways that are too many to describe.

Max in my eyes is a True Master, who continues to passionately promote and hold the same exceptional teaching standards, as outlined by his lineage masters of the ancient past.

You can learn more about Max and his teachings here: Primordial Alchemist

David Snyder

David Snyder is known around the world for being one of the top names and teachers in Hypnosis and NLP.

David’s passion for NLP, hypnosis, and the belief that hypnosis is a LIFE SKILL has led him to pioneer new and innovative ways of teaching and training hypnotists to be highly effective in achieving rapid and permanent changes for their clients.

What I learned from David has profoundly changed my own life and the lives of all of my clients. Combine and apply the best of Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Healing, both old and new school. David discovered, used and teaches ways to use and affect our Body – Emotions – Mind & Spirit simultaneously, resulting in rapid and lasting changes in any area of our lives.

David certified me in person as a hypnotist in both Identity by Design and Regression Therapy. The combination of both of these skills in SUPER POWERFUL.

David claims the hypnotists he trains are in the TOP 1% of the world and I agree with him based on the success I have seen in my own and in my client’s lives.

You can learn more about David here.