Learn to unlearn

Nico Martens Unlearn What You Have learned

Learn to Unlearn

You can read, you can study, you can think, but you will only get more and more entrapped in the mind, more entangled.

You will feel many times that you know the answers, but each answer will only create new questions. Each answer will trigger a new chain of questions in you.
Observe this nature of the mind, to multiply and fractionate infinitely and know it’s foolish to expect to reach clarity within the mind.

It is your own mind that tempts you, deceives you and goes on creating new illusions in you.
Simply watch the mind and in watching, questions disappear. Not that they are answered, they simply disappear.
When you are silent, no knowledge clamoring inside you, perception is clear. To be silent is to have the answer, to experience the answer that is beyond all knowledge.

There are no answers, there is only one, The Answer.
That answer is not of the mind, that answer cannot be of the mind.
It is not verbal.
You can know it, but you cannot reduce it to knowledge.
You can know it, but you cannot say it.

“The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao. The Name that can be named is not the eternal Name.” ~ Lao Tzu

To arrive at The Answer, you have to unlearn whatsoever you have learned up to now, to make you innocent. So that you can start functioning from a state of not-knowing.
So that you don’t have any answers, not out of the past and out of conclusions already drawn.
Mind has answers and answers, but not The Answer.
The Answer is in a state of no-mind.

In order to become full, become empty.
In order to go forward, go back.
Returning to Source.

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