The Water Way

Are you tired of white-knuckling and looking for a new way of life?
Are you longing for a more harmonious way of living?
Are you done forcing and ready to flow?
Meet the water way.

My life’s journey and what I am bringing into our world to help others and our planet. It’s all rooted deep within and built upon the wisdom my Mom imparted and showed us from a young age. 

She was a beautiful example and amazing teacher of “The Water Way”. A true natural at the way of the water in many areas of her life. I was fortunate to be spoon fed the water way.

Through my own life experiences, my spiritual awakening journey and putting the knowledge I received from all my teachers into action, I gained a completely new perspective on life, a much deeper understanding of flowing with life.

Allowing us to live and experience more deeply, yet with less effort. Less force.

To live, guided by your own higher wisdom vs. the borrowed knowledge of another.

Live your life fully and authentically.

I call it “The Water Way”.

A New Way Of Life

Think of water flowing through a river. When water meets a rock, it doesn’t stop and resist the rock. It flows and allows itself to move around any obstacle.
This principle is what I had to learn to turn my own life around.

Force no longer worked after 40+ years. I could no longer generate the drive or willpower to white-knuckle myself into achieving something.

The Water Way was my breakthrough, out of pure necessity. Now, I want to share it with you. How to be more like water and change your life. So I can help you, to let go of your attachments and resistance to life and its challenges.

Learning to flow with nature. Both Nature within and without.
True bliss and unlimited potential are dormant within you. Quite literally, right under your nose. It’s all within you. You just haven’t discovered how to gain access to it again.

Yes, again.

Bliss is the natural state in which you entered this world of limitation, from a world of unlimited potential. You just lost it along the way, as you grew up and had to become “someone”. Someone other than being you, the one that naturally feels blissful.

I know you might have heard it all before. But this way is very different from the great majority of other approaches out there.

The Water Way Flow Over Force

Flow Over Force

Most approaches, especially in the Western World, are all about action, force and making things happen. As such they are the fire way. Which for most does not end in fulfillment, but in certain burnout.

Fire going unchecked is disastrous. Same for our mind. Guided by only the mind and lacking the wisdom of the heart, most actions we take do more damage than good. Putting us in a downwards inner spiral. Tired of taking so much action, while being unhappy with the results. A double whammy.

The Water Way is different. Much gentler, yet quicker and more powerful. It’s about learning to let go and getting out of your own way. So, your unique and natural flow can be your guide.

Through your understanding of how nature flows, you learn to align with the natural flow. The natural flow within yourself and all around you in life.

Through this gentle process you will soon discover you don’t have to look outward so much. You are the source for understanding, peace and bliss. No Masters, Gurus or 3rd party required. You come fully loaded.

Transcend your thinking patterns and taking mostly outward focused action. Open yourself up to the intuition and the wisdom that’s already within your being.

It’s time to become your own Master again, through flow rather than force.

“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.
As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.
This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”
The Water Way Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu