About Me

In May of 2015 I quit a very successful career in Corporate America. I felt I had to, two and half years after going through a spiritual awakening triggered by my Mother’s passing. I had lead global teams that support large Corporations and worked in Outsourcing, Client Management, Marketing, Pre-Sales, and Sales for one the World’s Tech Giants and household names.
Quitting my career was the scariest thing I ever did. I gave up “my identity” and all I worked for my entire life to seek a more fulfilling path. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I only knew what I no longer wanted to do. My life needed more purpose and I had to make a difference in the world in a positive and constructive way. I was done adding more zero’s to the balance sheet of yet another Giant Corporation.

I could no longer be a Cog in the Corporate machine.

I devoted myself full time to travel, while transforming my own life and the lives of others.
I also worked with Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins and others that are experts at transformation of others. I became a Robbins-Madanes certified life coach, graduated from Brendon Burchard’s High Performance & Expert’s Academy and much more.

So, I became a coach, healer, world traveler and studied with various Spiritual Teachers. Yet, I still found myself stuck after doing years of “self-help” programs and coaching others. I was tired of hitting that “glass ceiling” and seeing others do the same.
It was clear to me that unless you transform what’s holding you back within you and what’s programmed deep into your subconscious mind…you’re only going to get so far…

I went on a relentless search to transform beyond this glass ceiling.

After a long and often frustrating journey, I did not only did I find the answers I was looking for, but had the experiences to back it up. I became a hypnotist and got certified in “Identity By Design”, “Regression & Trauma Healing” & “Covert Hypnosis”, which allowed me to transform myself and others rapidly.

I was able to finally break through the glass ceiling myself and helped many others do the same since.

The Wisdom I bring to people is rooted in ancient traditions, like Taoism, Shamanism , but is also complemented by cutting edge scientific approaches. I took all I had learned from Spiritual Teachings, Energy Healing, NLP, Hypnosissis, … and ditched over 95% of what I learned because it wasn’t helpful, fluff or dogma.

I only kept what worked and integrated it into teachings and techniques that anyone can understand and apply to transform their life. With applying what remained I was not only able to free and break through myself. But it allowed me to show people how to free themselves and become the Master of their Own Life again!